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Activator: new firmware version

To answer the most pressing question right away: Yes, the Activator supports the iPhone 15 with USB-C port. Until the introduction of a SmartDock with a USB-C port, you can connect the iPhone 15 to the USB-C port of the Activator. You can now use all the functions of the HelpTech+ app with the iPhone 15.

What is new?

  • Since the Activator and the iPhone use the Braille HID standard, starting with iOS 17, the iPhone starts VoiceOver with Braille control directly when the Activator is connected. The old dream is finally coming true. Connect and turn on the braille display and off you go.

  • Also new is the Braille Chat, with which, in combination with the HelpTech+ app, we are trying to take communication between sighted and deaf-blind people to a new level. In the following chapter, we will go into detail about the Braille Chat.

  • The Activator now offers one-handed Braille input. We will gradually introduce this ability to operate the Activator with only one hand in other Braille displays, such as Active Braille. The description of the one-handed Braille input can be found in a separate chapter below. The deaf-blind user can start typing directly. And with Enter, the text will be output and spoken as a chat on the iPhone, e.g. "Hello, how are you?". The sighted person can answer with the onscreen keyboard, or even easier, press the microphone icon and start talking. Immediately, the answer is displayed on the braille display. Now an exciting conversation can develop and the chat history builds up.

  • It is now helpful to know that when you set options, they are saved immediately. We've also improved the random number generator for selecting the next word in Hangman after each restart. In the event that the battery drops below 10%, the Activator will also charge in iOS mode via the USB-C port.

It's worth discovering what's new in firmware 1.4.


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