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Handy Tech Technology

Discover the special features of Handy Tech braille devices

Help Tech is one of the leading braille display manufacturers. At our company headquarters in Horb, on the edge of the Black Forest, we develop and produce our braille displays.

Our Braille reading devices convince with unique Handy Tech features and their long lifetime. 

The concave shaped and backward tilted Braille elements allow reading in a relaxed hand position.

For convenient and comfortable braille input.

Detects the tactile reading position in real time and automatically switches at the end of the line. ATC also offers helpful options for learning Braille.

This allows all Handy Tech displays to be controlled from the PC via just one software component.

Our devices are ready to use immediately after connecting to a PC, without additional driver software.

Convenient data exchange between a cell phone Tech Braille display and a Windows PC. 

For our customers we offer a variety of free service software:

  • HTCom enables data exchange between a Handy Tech Braille display and a Windows PC.

  • With the ATC-LogAnalyzer, the individual reading behavior of the Braille user can be analyzed by determining and evaluating the reading position stored by ATC. This is especially helpful when teaching braille.​

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