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Connect Braille

The mobile Braille display for everyday life 

The Connect Braille is a 40 character Braille display. You can enter text with the ergonomically designed Braille keyboard. The Connect Braille can be connected via USB to the PC or via Bluetooth to three additional devices, like smartphones. The rechargeable batteries can easily be exchanged himself. With only 900 g and a battery life of 20 hours, the Connect Braille is your reliable mobile companion.

  • 40 concave braille elements with cursor routing

  • integrated ergonomic braille keyboard

  • HID technology - ready to use, without driver software

  • Connection via USB or Bluetooth

  • Multiple Bluetooth technology - up to 3 devices at the same time

  • up to 20 hours of battery life

The advantages at a glance:

Braille display Connect Braille top view frontal

The Outstanding Braille Display

Connected via USB to a PC, Connect Braille is immediately ready to use for you. The HID technology allows using Connect Braille without the need of installing a software driver. With the use of HID technology (Human Interface Device), Help Tech sets new standards for Braille displays. Connect Braille also offers a wireless Bluetooth connection ready to use for PC and mobile phones. 


The ergonomically positioned Braille keyboard allows entering text directly with the Connect Braille. By providing two USB connections, you can for example also connect a standard keyboard to Connect Braille. 


By using the universal driver of Help Tech, Connect Braille is supported by all major screen readers.

Smart Access

With its integrated wireless Bluetooth interface, the Connect Braille offers convenient access to various smart phones. Multiple Bluetooth Technology of Connect Braille let you connect up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth such as iPhone,  Android Phone, Tablet or Laptop. Using a short key allows you to switch between the connected devices and the USB interface.

Braille display Connect Braille side view slanted upwards

The Perfect Ergonomics

Only the Braille cells of Handy Tech braille displays are sloping backwards and are concavely shaped. The reading area is ideally shaped for the reading finger. When reading on the Connect Braille, the Braille characters can be touched in a natural relaxed hand position.

Input / Output

  • 40 piezoelectric Braille cells Ergonomic Braille keyboard 


  •  2 triple action keys 


  • 1 USB port - Typ B (PC connection) 

  • 2 USB ports - Typ A (external keyboard)

  • Multiple Bluetooth technology (up to 3 devices)

Battery and voltage

  • Battery duration: approx. 20 hours 

  • Quick charge circuitry: 3 hours

Measurements  and Weigh

  • Measurements (W x D x H): 31,7 x 12,3 x 2,8 cm 

  • Weight: 900 g

 Technical Data

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