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The HTCom software allows you to comfortably transfer data from your computer onto your Handy Tech Braille System and back. With HTCom you can, for example, move a document of your computer to your Braille system to read and edit it whilst you are on the go. Also notes, which you took on your Braille system can be transferred onto and edited with your computer.

HTCom is an application for Microsoft Windows and is supported by all Versions of Windows, inclusive Windows 10.


The following Braille systems use HTCom for exchange of data:


HTCom automatically detects the country variant of your computer and will install the version in the respective language. It is available in many languages.


HTCom also knows which Braille system is connected to your computer.

There are three ways data can be exchanged:


  1. Choose a file for transfer via the HTCom task bar.

  2. Use the "send to HTCom" option in the context menu of the Windows Explorer to transfer a file from your computer to your Braille system.

  3. Send the file directly from Microsoft Word. After installing HTCom onto your computer, there will be an option within word to transfer the open word file onto your Braille system.

Notes that you have been taking on your Braille system can be transferred to your PC via the button "File receive". Choosing this button will open a directory in which all files on the Braille systems are listed. There you can choose one or more files for the transfer to your computer.

In the monitor mode of HTCom, information shown on the Braille display will also be displayed on-screen.

Files that are exchanged using HTCom can be translated into Grade 2 Braille at the same time. A special feature of HTCom is the back translation from Grade 2 into standard Braille. Using the back translation from Handy Tech, notes that you took on your Braille system using Grade 2 can be re-translated into standard Braille when transferred by HTCom.

The latest version of the HTCom can be found in the Download section of this website.

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