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Braille display electronics test

Braille display maintenance
and cleaning

We recommend
regular maintenance

A Braille display is often a daily companion and indispensable. Sooner or later, every device needs professional cleaning to remove dust and other contaminants from the Braille modules. Regular maintenance increases the service life and ensures reliable and trouble-free operation.

How often should I have my Braille display serviced?

For Braille displays, Braille modules should be serviced every three years.

What does the maintenance and cleaning include? 

In addition to thorough cleaning and updating of the software components, the caps and styli of the Braille modules are renewed. This is necessary because with intensive use the styli wear out and the caps become dirty.


In addition, a complete function test, as with a new device, is performed during maintenance and all display elements are thoroughly checked.

You want to maintain your Braille display?

Inquire now. After sending in your device, we will create an individual cost estimate.

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