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Activator Pro - braille display for the workplace

Activator Pro

The Braille revolution in the workplace

We have been developing Braille displays for over 30 years. With this experience, we asked ourselves: What would the perfect Braille display for the workplace have to look like to manage the ever-increasing flood of information as a blind person? Our answer: the Activator Pro. This ergonomically shaped Braille display with 64 or 80 concave Braille cells with adjustable dot firmnes is not only impressively slim, but also offers pioneering innovations from unprecedented hardware and software solutions for increased workplace efficiency. See for yourself.

  • Choice of 64 or 80 concave Braille elements with adjustable pen thickness

  • High quality computer keyboard with Braille input mode

  • Quick-Access keys: With the additional row of function keys (F13 – F24) and the 10 QuickAccess keys, the Activator Pro can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of your workplace at any time

  • Simultaneous control of multiple devices via ActiveSplit

  • Recording screen reader output with Brailleshot

  • Modern, ergonomic and flat design

  • Connections: 2 x USB-C, Multi-Bluetooth (up to 3 devices simultaneously)

The advantages at a glance:

64 and 80 Braille Display Activator Pro

More comfort at work

A particular highlight of the Activator Pro is the high-quality keyboard with integrated Braille input. The keys used are with top quality and precision. Thanks to modern mechanics, they ensure an incredibly pleasant typing experience.


The Activator Pro offers you an unprecedented level of
customization. With the additional row of function keys (F13 - F24) and the 10 QuickAccess keys (1), the Activator Pro can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of your workplace at any time.


With a height of less than 2 cm, the Activator Pro is also
impressively slim. Thanks to the ultra-compact and ergonomic design, even hours of work are always comfortable.

(1) Available with Activator Pro with 80 Braille cells.

Additional highlights


BrailleShot is the equivalent of a screenshot for users of a Braille display.If you activate BrailleShot, the output on the Braille display is recorded as a text file. Combine BrailleShot with the DirectTransfer function to transfer the text created with BrailleShot to a connected device.

Activator Pro with 10 QuickAccess keys

Active Tactile Control (ATC)

For the Activator Pro, we have further developed our patented ATC technology for automatic switching at the end of the line. ATC is now also used to determine the active Braille segment when ActiveSplit is activated. As a result, input elements such as the keyboard and QuickAccess keys are always assigned to the correct Braille segment, without you having to do anything!

Integrated shorthand translation

The translation and back-translation from full text to shorthand is directly integrated into the Activator Pro. We rely on RTFC, the world's leading translation tool for German, English and French. The Activator Pro also handles shorthand translation into Unified English Braille with ease.

The perfect addition: HelpTech+ for iPhone and iPad

The HelpTech+ app, available free of charge for iPhone and iPad in the App Store, continuously adds many new functions to the Activator Pro, making it a next-generation Braille experience.

Braille monitor

The integrated Braille monitor allows a sighted person to follow the information output on the Braille display directly on the iPhone screen. Including the indication of the reading position, marked text and the cursor position.

Braille dialogue

The Braille dialogue enables communication between deaf-blind and sighted people. The iPhone or iPad reads out the Braille input and the voice input on the iPhone or the on-screen keyboard can be used to respond.

Dictation function & speech output

With voice input, you can easily dictate texts instead of typing them yourself. The recognized text is then either saved in a new file on the Activator Pro or inserted into an existing file at the desired position. With the voice output function, you can have texts on the Activator Pro read aloud via the iPhone or iPad's speakers.

File manager & text transfer

With HelpTech+ you can copy files back and forth between the Activator Pro and your iPhone or iPad.

iOS-App HelpTech+

  • 64 or 80 concave Braille cells and adjustable dot firmness

  • Keyboard with Braille input and 24 function keys

  • 10 QuickAccess keys (Activator Pro 80 only)

  • Connections: 2 x USB-C, multi Bluetooth (up to 3 devices)

  • Activator Pro 80 dimensions (W x H x D): 56.6 x 1.9 x 23.7 cm

  • Activator Pro 64 dimensions (W x H x D): 51.1 x 1.9 x 23.7 cm

  • Height of the keyboard: 0.4 cm

 Technical Data

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