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Universal Braille
display control

Handy Tech Braille displays offer the possibility to query via software which model with how many Braille elements is connected to the PC. This outstanding feature has made it possible to develop intelligent control programs on the various computer platforms. Handy Tech has invested many years of development work in programming the so-called universal braille line driver.

Universal braille display driver

While other Braille display manufacturers require you to install and select a separate Braille display driver for each model, Handy Tech Braille displays only require you to start the screen reader. It automatically detects the model of the connected Handy Tech Braille display and to which interface (USB or wireless via Bluetooth) the Handy Tech Braille display is connected.

The universal Handy Tech Braille display driver is integrated in all common screen readers like JAWS, SuperNova or NVDA.


How it works

Simply select "Handy Tech" in the screen reader and you are ready to use your Handy Tech Braille display. Most Handy Tech Braille displays have HID support. HID eliminates the need to install a special USB controller.

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