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Side view Activator - the 2-in-1 keyboard is unfolded


A next generation of Braille experience

The Activator is a new kind of Braille display concept: it extends the proven features of our Braille displays - such as the concave Braille cells and the patented ATC technology for automatic switching - with forward-looking innovations from unprecedented hardware and software solutions in a modern design. Combining the potential of the iPhone, the Activator offers a next-generation Braille experience.

  • 40 concave braille elements with cursor routing and adjustable pen thickness

  • Integrated shorthand translation and reverse translation (RTFC)

  • 2-in-1 folding keyboard with braille and text input

  • SmartDock with charging function and integrated USB-A port

  • Free "Help Tech+" app (available in the AppStore) with the following functions: Braille monitor, voice input, voice output, and much more.

  • Battery life: over 30 hours

  • Ergonomic and ultra-slim design (W x D x H in cm): 32.0 x 12.6 x 1.8

The advantages at a glance:

Side view Activator - the 2-in-1 keyboard is unfolded

Two keyboards - in one

A special highlight of the Activator is the patent-pending
multifunctional folding keyboard with Braille input. With just one flick of the wrist, the ergonomically designed Braille keyboard becomes a fully-fledged computer keyboard with tactile switching characteristics. The Activator offers the perfect input mode for every application. Whether Braille or text input. Perfect for school, university or work.

The folding keyboard is made of high-quality aluminum, is impressively flat with a height of only 8 millimeters and sets new standards in design.

The smart Braille display

The SmartDock, which can be magnetically connected to the Activator, creates a groundbreaking symbiosis of Braille display and iPhone that offers completely new possibilities. With the SmartDock, the Activator becomes a mobile workstation in no time at all.

Activator with Braille input keyboard, also the magnetic SmartDock is connected by inserti

Many possibilities thanks to USB

The SmartDock has a USB port on the top. With this, you can open and edit files from a USB stick via the iPhone. Many of the common file formats are already supported by the iPhone. And for all other file formats, you only need the appropriate app from the App Store. You can also connect other devices such as headphones, microphones or SD card readers to the iPhone via the USB port.

Shared charging

If the Activator is connected to a power adaptor, the iPhone connected to the SmartDock also charges automatically. You only need to take one charger with you.

Activator with opened QWERTY keyboard in the university

Integrated translation for contracted Braille

The translation and back-translation of Braille Grade 1 into contracted Braille (Grade 2) is directly integrated into the Activator. RTFC is the world's leading translation tool for English, German and French. The Activator also effortlessly handles translation and back-translation into Unified English Braille (UEB).

Launch iOS apps directly

The Activator makes it easier than ever to open your favourite apps on your iPhone. You can customize the Activator's internal menu and add your own app favorites.


The connection with the iPhone expands the internal functions of the Activator by SmartServices. The first feature is a news feed service, optimized for the use with Braille displays, which you can put together according to your personal interests.

The perfect complement: iOS-App HelpTech+

The iOS-App HelpTech+, available free of charge for your iPhone, adds many new features to the Activator, making it a next-generation Braille experience once and for all. We are continuously developing HelpTech+. Additional new functions are provided via the App Store. As a result, we will continue to offer you a first-class experience in the future.The additional space bar is especially well placed for small hands, making it easier to type notes. To the Help Tech + iOS app.

Braille monitor

The integrated Braille monitor allows a sighted person to follow the information output on the Braille display directly on the iPhone screen. Including the indication of the reading position, marked text and the cursor position.

Dictation function

With the speech input you can easily dictate texts instead of typing them yourself. The recognized text is then either saved in a new file on the Activator or inserted into an existing file at the desired position.

Voice output

The speech output function allows you to have texts on the Activator read aloud through the iPhone's speakers.

File manager

With HelpTech+ you can copy files back and forth between the Activator and your iPhone.

Send texts

Send texts from the iPhone clipboard directly to the Activator.

iOS-App HelpTech+

  • Weight: 970 g (Activator), 100 g (SmartDock)

  • Dimensions in cm, folded (W x H x D): 32 x 2.6 x 12.6

  • Dimensions in cm, unfolded (W x H x D): 32 x 1.8 x 18.8

  • Battery life: over 30 hours

  • Connections Activator: USB-C, Bluetooth

  • Connections SmartDock: USB-A, Lightning

 Technical Data

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