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Braille display Active Braille with computer on a desk

Braille Displays and
Note Takers

​A Braille display is a tactile output device for blind people. Braille displays enable blind computer users to read the information displayed on the screen. The contents of a computer screen are transferred to the line, where the information in braille can be felt with the fingers. Depending on the model, between 16 and 88 characters can be displayed. A screen reader is required so that the content can be converted into braille or output by speech.


Depending on the version, the models have an integrated Braille keyboard, an internal memory and notetaker functions. A Braille display can be easily connected to a computer, notebook, iPhone or tablet via a USB port or Bluetooth.

Side view Activator - the 2-in-1 keyboard is unfolded


It's time for a Braille display that gives you a whole new set of possibilities...

Actilino Braille notetaker side view slanting upwards


16-cell Braille display and notetaker device in one - ideal in combination with smartphone or tablet.

Basic Braille side view angled upwards

Basic Braille

Comfortable, affordable starter model. Optionally with 32, 40, 64 or 80 cells.

Stationary Braille display Braille Star 80 side view slanting downwards

Braille Star 80

Ideal 80 characters Braille device for telephony workstations, with freely assignable 16-key keypad.

new braille device Activator Pro

Activator Pro

NEW: The Braille display for demanding workplaces. Efficient. Ergonomic. Without compromises.

Braille display Active Star with keyboard side view slanted upwards

Active Star

40-cell Braille device with extendable shelf - ideal for notebook use.

Braille display Connect Braille

Connect Braille

Mobile, ergonomic 40-cell Braille display with Braille keyboard - the ideal basic equipment.

Braille keyboard modular side view

Modular Braille Keyboard

Allows text to be entered in braille.

Active Braille mobile Braille display Side view diagonally upwards

Active Braille

Mobile, ergonomically improved 40-cell Braille display and powerful organizer.

Basic Braille Plus side view angled upwards

Basic Braille Plus

Compact, low-cost forty-cell Braille display with Braille keyboard.

Stationary Braille display Modular Evolution side view slanted upwards

Modular Evolution

64 or 88 Braille cells. With integrated PC keyboard, matched to the basic housing - for perfect ergonomics.

Handy Tech Braille displays are recognised worldwide for their ergonomics & functionality.

Discover the special features of Handy Tech Braille systems now.

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