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ATC Technology

ATC (Active tactile control) is the first technology that makes it possible to detect the tactile reading position on a Braille display in real time. The information can be safed in a Log-file and be analyzed later on using the ATC-LogAnalyzer.


The provided information comprises records on the:


  • Number of words read per minute

  • Number of characters read per minute

  • Total number of words read

  • Total number of characters read

  • Proportion of characters read backwards

  • Number of characters that have not been read

  • Reading behavior during a complete reading lesson

  • Reading speed per character

  • and many more

Data collected by the ATC-LogAnalyzer can be edited within Excel. This way, results of individual exercises can be filed, compared and diagramed.

ATC technology in combination with the ATC-LogAnalyzer can be a usefull tool for teacher to analyze the reading behavior of individual students objectively.

Our Braille displays Actilino, Activator, Active Star, Active Braille and Modular Evolution use the patent pending ATC technology.

The latest version of the ATC-LogAnalyzer can be found in the Download/Software section of this website.

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