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Braille keyboard modular

Braille Keyboard

Ideal for writing in braille on the PC

The Modular Evolution Braille Keyboard is a full-fledged computer keyboard for braille input. It can realize all input possibilities of a MF2 keyboard. Simply connect it to the PC via USB and you are ready to go. The Braille input keys are located centrally in the area where the letter keys are located on a standard MF2 keyboard. They are ergonomically arranged and correspond to the Braille points <P1 to P8>. Pressing a key combination enters one character at a time.

  • Braille keyboard - ideal for Braille input and for controlling the PC

  • 8 ergonomically arranged Braille input keys

  • Input of full braille possible

  • Control and function keys

  • tuned space bar for screen reader control

  • numeric keypad connectable via USB

  • can be ideally combined with the Modular Evolution 88/64 - no additional cable connection necessary

The advantages at a glance:

All control and function keys available

The complete control keys and even all keys of the numeric keypad of a standard PC keyboard are available on the Modular Evolution Braille keyboard.

Screen reader control

The two spacebar keys are specially designed to meet the needs of screen reader users, such as JAWS for Windows, and have the following functions:

  • If one of the two spacebar keys or both spacebar keys is pressed without another braille key (P1 to P8), the function of a spacebar key is executed.

  • If a space bar is pressed together with Braille keys (P1 to P8), the left space bar performs the function of the Insert key and the right space bar performs the function of the Ctrl key.

  • If both spacebars are pressed together with Braille keys, the insert key, the Ctrl key and the Braille combination are executed.

Braille keyboard modular side view

Full text input

Via a second Braille character set you can enter full text with the Modular Evolution Braille keyboard, which is then directly output as full text. For example, if you enter a sch character as dots 156, the letter sequence "sch" is inserted into the text.

Combination with the Modular Evolution 88/64

The Modular Evolution Braille keyboard is clickable to the Modular Evolution 88 and 64 without additional cable connection.

Braille keyboard combination with Modular Evolution 64
  • 8 Braille keys (P1 -P8)

  • 2 space keys

  • Function keys F1- F12, Escape key, Num-Lock, ScrLog, Print, Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Windows keys

  • Block of 6 keys, cursor keys

  • Numeric keypad 17 keys

  • dimensions: 25,0 x 4,5 x 16,5

  • Weight: 1.0 kg

Technical data

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