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HelpTech+ App - new version

The new version of the HelpTech+ App 1.4 offers some new features.

  1. Direct Transfer of DOCX and PDF Files to the Activator: We have added a feature that now allows you to transfer the contents of DOCX or PDF files directly to the Activator. This improves accessibility and efficiency when working with documents.

  2. Automatic Content Detection: When transferring a DOCX or PDF file, HelpTech+ now automatically asks whether the content should be transferred along with the file. If so, the text content is sent directly to the Activator.

  3. New File Formats in the Activator: Transferred DOCX files are displayed and saved in the Activator as "MyFile.TXT." The same applies to PDF files, which are also saved under their original file name followed by the .TXT file extension.

  4. New "Braille Chat" Function: This innovative function facilitates communication between sighted and deaf-blind individuals. Messages in Braille can be received and sent via the Activator, enabling effective and direct communication. This function requires an Activator with at least firmware version 1.4.

  5. Enhanced OCR Features for Graphic Files: Our improved character recognition (OCR) now allows you to extract and transfer the textual content from purely graphical PDF files. This feature also supports .JPG, .PNG, and .HEIF files.


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