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#Inclusion - Charitable donation

For our special Christmas cup, we have launched a painting competition with the motto „Inclusion“. The intentio: we create more visibility for inclusion and diversity in our society.

10-year-old Erik, who is visually impaired himself, won the painting competition on behalf of the LVR Severin School. His idea, which he realised with the motif: There is an equal opportunity for all people to organise their own leisure time, such as going to the cinema together.

During the year, we raised funds for the good cause through a Braille display auction and the proceeds from our own coffee. For each coffee package, each customer and Help Tech donated 1 euro each. This year, several hundred euros were raised for a charity project. The proceeds of the actions amounting to 2100,- EURO go to the LVR-Severin-School.

#Inclusion.  What does it mean to you_ - Winner picture by Erik, 10 years, visually impaired


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