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Firmware Basic Braille Plus

Free update service for your Basic Braille Plus

Here you can find the improvements for your Basic Braille Plus that we have developed as a free service for you. The improvements of the functions of your Basic Braille Plus build on each other. For example, if your Basic Braille Plus is still using version 4.0 from 2019, you can get all improvements up to the current version by updating to the current version.

Below is an overview of the improvements for your Basic Braille Plus, starting with the current version:

Basic Braille Plus Firmware 4.2 (02.02.2022)

• SmartSwitching
• If the Basic Braille is simultaneously connected to two devices via USB and Bluetooth, e.g. to the PC via USB and to the smartphone via Bluetooth, the Braille display automatically switches to the channel from which data is sent to the Braille display. Switching channels only happens when a new connection is established (e.g. unlocking from smartphone) and sending Braille data or an existing connection is interrupted (e.g. locking from smartphone). It is still possible to manually switch between connections by pressing key 2 + key 5, but you will find that this is rarely necessary.
• SmartSwitching can be switched off
Automatic switching can be turned off and on in configuration mode. SmartSwitching is active by default
• Bluetooth pairing no longer needs to be confirmed on PC or smart device
• Support for Basic Braille Plus 48 (BP5)

Basic Braille Plus Firmware 4.0 (07.08.2019)

• This is the first version of Basic Braille Plus based on Basic Braille

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