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Firmware Active Braille 2021

Free update service for your Active Braille 2021

Here you will find the improvements for your Active Braille 2021 that we have developed as a free service for you. The improvements of the functions of your Active Braille 2021 build on each other. For example, if your Active Braille 2021 is still using version 1.0 from 2021, you can get all improvements up to the current version by updating to the current version.
Below is an overview of the improvements for your Active Braille 2021, starting with the current version:

Active Braille 2021 Firmware 1.3 (01.03.2023)

• Bluetooth with automatic switching (Smart Switching)
• Improved memory access
• File extensions in the file menu are always displayed in capital letters
• Improved indication of calendar weeks in the planner
• Input of accented letters on the external keyboard
• The internal memory of the Bluetooth module for known paired devices can now no longer overflow

Active Braille 2021 Firmware 1.2 (31.08.2021)

• Improved "battery full" and "battery empty" criteria for battery testing procedure.
• Battery calibration for automated testing

Active Braille 2021 Firmware 1.1 (20.08.2021)

• Rewritten automated battery testing and calibration module.

Active Braille 2021 Firmware 1.0 (30.07.2021)

• This is the initial version.

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