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Firmware Activator

Free update service for your Activator

Here you can find the improvements for your Activator that we have developed as a free service for you. The improvements of the functions of your Activator build on each other.

Below is an overview of the improvements for your Activator, starting with the current version:

Activator Firmware 1.4

• New "USB-C mode" function
• iPhone 15 support
• New "iOS device" option for HelpTech+ on the USB-C port
• Braille dialog for deafblind users (in combination with the HelpTech+ app version 1.4)
• New option: Delete Bluetooth pairings on restart
• One-hand Braille input
• Contracted Braille input (UEB) using the internal editor (Chord+g)

Activator Firmware 1.1

Extension of the functionality of the novel Braille display concept. The Activator is the perfect symbiosis of Braille display and iPhone.
This free firmware update extends the forward-thinking innovations of the Activator by:
• New enhanced internal RTFC version
• Control of shorthand translation now also possible via context menu
• Keyboard emulation for iPhone control now language independent
• Switched Bluetooth connectivity to Auto Connect
• Various new chord commands
• Addition of French help files
• Optimized functions with HelpTech+ (iOS)

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