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Activator Pro - braille display for the workplace

NEW: Activator Pro

The professional Braille display for the workplace

Braille display manufacturer

Made in Germany

A variety of refreshable braille displays

For 30 years: Specialist in solutions for the blind and visually impaired 

We, the Help Tech company develop, produce and distribute electronic aids for blind and visually impaired people. In customer service, support and development, we have employees who are blind themselves and use our aids every day in their work environment. Handy Tech braille displays enable blind people to live independently. The integration of blind and visually impaired people in professional and social life is an important part of our company philosophy.

In addition, we have partners in more than thirty countries.

Handy Tech- Braille displays

Always the right choice

In our company headquarters in Horb in the Black Forest we develop and produce our Handy Tech braille displays. They are appreciated worldwide for their ergonomics and functionality.

Braille notetaker Actilino on a conference table_02


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